Purchase Information

Retail Information

Suggested Retail prices set by Enviro-tech International:

$ 221.70 for a full case of Dri-Wash 'N Guard.

$ 36.95 for a full 32 oz bottle.

$ 18.00 for a full 8 oz spray bottle.

If someone want's one empty 8oz spray bottle .. I would sell it to them for $5.00 if sold in conjunction with a 32 oz bottle, otherwise I sell my 8 oz spray bottles filled with Dri-Wash.

Sample Information

I have some trial (sample) size bottles . I am selling them for $5.50 (which includes my shipping costs), or of course I can sell you full size products at the retail prices I mentioned above of $36.95 (32 oz container) or $18.00 (8oz driwash spray bottle). My retail prices for full size bottles do not include my shipping costs although my sample bottles do include my shipping costs.



Email me with what product you are interested in purchasing (i.e. samples or full size bottles)

IF interested email me back at : cgu@laker.net

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