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You are about to be introduced to one of the best Internet business opportunities you will ever see. You will receive a free web site like this one. And you will not need to invest a single penny to get started!

First an introduction to our founder and the man behind this powerful opportunity. Kevin Anderson the President of Cognigen Communications has many years of executive experience in the telecom industry. Kevin is also a Mensan, and retired from a long successful career as a computer scientist. After years of effort, Kevin has created an online system with amazing power that can be utilized by anyone with the desire to build their own profitable online business. Kevin has developed the tools here to be used by you to build your own customer base and steady flow of residual income.

If you are currently an agent or reseller in the telecommunications industry you will recognize the value this powerful marketing, customer procurement and provisioning system represents. If you have ever been frustrated by slow provisioning of customers, poor commissions and a system that makes you spend more energy and resources than you get in return, you will want to join our team as soon as you can! With Cognigen you will realize income, not frustration.

Look at this testimonial from one of our agents:

"I am a family man with 3 lovely children. In 1996 My wife lost her career to carpal tunnel syndrome, and I needed a business opportunity that required no money from me but helped me generate solid income. Simply stated, Cognigen's system is so complete and functional that it enables all kinds of people to succeed in this business, especially home business entrepreneurs with little or no investment capital like myself. By investing a couple of hours of marketing effort each day I got my first commission check within 7 weeks of the day I launched my free web site. Now each month I simply combine my daily efforts and I invest a small portion of the income I am making with this business to support my marketing budget. Today I am making thousands per month from my little home office! And my customer base is growing significantly every day! The best part is I speak to only about 2% of my customers for any reason before or after the sale! I just market, market, market!"

Thank you Kevin! - Sincerely, Joe Kennedy.

Cognigen's online operations are powerful, modern, and downright ingenious. By utilizing a free website like this one your prospects will visit your site where they will quickly and easily find a service that fits their specific needs. Once the Cognigen system has helped your prospect find a service that fits their needs they may then place an order for that service instantly online. After an order is placed Cognigen provides instant and complete back office support which speeds the process of provisioning and serving your customers.

For people who are skilled in the marketing and sales arena this opportunity is special. Spend your time marketing all the time. Let Cognigen and the telecommunications companies handle the rest! This powerful online system literally gives you all the tools you need to get your customers in the door and keep them too. Yes! A system with the simplicity, functionality, and power that enables you to do what you do best. MARKET!

Just look at what happens when "Joe Prospect" decides one of your services will fit his needs: As soon as a customer registers for a service through your customized web pages they are sent an e-mail which instructs them how to use the particular service ordered. This e-mail also cross sells your other services and is signed with a signature that is customized to reflect your agency identification. You as an agent receive a copy of this customer support e-mail. AND the customer information is instantly stored in a database at a PRIVATE password protected part of your website. As a matter of fact, every customer order is tracked on your private web pages. Every customers' usage is tracked and your commission due is reported as well.Now that is powerful! By using your free website you will be able to bring the customer from the point of initial interest to becoming a source of RESIDUAL income for your agency in a matter of minutes.

If you are willing to apply your effort and use your marketing skills consistently over time you will build a customers base that results in significant monthly income. Income that is RESIDUAL. Most of the telecommunications solutions we market with Cognigen provide residual monthly commission payments based upon customer usage levels. Yes literally hundreds of customers generating usage that results in money paid to your agency month after month. Of course you are encouraged torecruit new agents into your organization and receive over-ride commissions based upon their agency sales volume each month in addition to your own agency's commissions each month.

Your Commissions by Product/Service
PremierCom $0.075 Interstate 6-10%
RoadTel Calling Cards 6-10%
SurfCheap $14.95 Internet 6-10%
LCI International 1+ Long Distance 6-10%
Vocall Calling Cards 6-10%
Vocall New York Calling Cards 6-10%
Vocall New Jersey Calling Cards 6-10%
SelecTel/Itelsa Calling Cards 6-10%
Transmarin Calling Cards 6-10%
GlobalTel International Callback 6-10%

Commission on your entire personal volume is based on the total monthly billing. When you reach $5,000/month, your commission will go to 7%; 8% at $20,000/month; 9% at $50,000/month; and 10% at $100,000/month. You will receive six levels of 1% commission on your downline, with the number of upline levels of override commissions trimmed in proportion to the increased direct commission payable to each agent; thus maintaining a maximum total commission paid on each account of 12%.

The best part is we don't charge our representatives one penny to join us. This site developed by our award winning webmaster will be personalized for you the instant you sign up as a member of our team.

We do have a few simple rules which must be followed by every agent in our organization.

  1. No spamming (unsolicited e-mail or unacceptable newsgroup posts).
  2. Each representative must maintain a minimum of four active customers in order to be paid commission.
  3. Any month your commission is under $50, the amount will accrue until it reaches $50, and then you will be paid.

In closing we sincerely invite you to consider taking advantage of Cognigen's modern, powerful, and freeglobal business opportunity.Your business can be online in seconds. A free, powerfully functional, scalable business opportunity, proven market worthy over time.No matter where you are in the world most any individual entrepreneur or "netrepreneur", independent marketing agent, or even a larger business or sales agency, may take advantage of this free business opportunity in a matter of minutes!Sign-up and start building your own profitable global business, right here, right now.

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